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Calvary Bible Church 

Creation Weekend

Each year, we focus a weekend around understanding God's creation according to God's intentional, purposeful, and meaningful creation of all that is seen and unseen from nothing. We invite speakers who specialize in creation studies to share. 

Earth from Space

Guest Speaker

     Colonel Jeffrey N. Williams grew up on a farm in the rural township of Winter, Wisconsin. He graduated from the United States Military Academy (USMA) at West Point in 1980, served more than 27 years active in the U.S. Army, and continues to serve in our Nation’s space program. An astronaut since 1996, Williams has logged 534 days in space on four flights, launching on both the Space Shuttle and the Russian Soyuz, in direct support of the assembly and operation of the International Space Station (ISS), most recently returning to Earth in September 2016.  Over that time, he also logged nearly 32 hours during five space walks in both U.S. and Russian space suits.  He is the author of, “The Work of His Hands: A View of God’s Creation from Space.” Williams holds a bachelor’s degree from USMA, master’s and aerospace engineering degrees from the Naval Postgraduate School, a master’s degree in national security from the Naval War College, and a Doctor of Ministry from The Master’s Seminary. He and his wife, Anna-Marie, reside in Washington State.

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Each seminar is available for replay and to rewatch. Follow the link below. 

Earth from Space
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