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Become a Red Cross Volunteer!

Greetings Shelter, MRC Volunteers and Public!!! Thank you to those who have already signed up!! More seats are available and we would LOVE to see you!! There is a need for additional Red Cross volunteers in our Nehalem Bay area and County; in all capacities. Victor Magana, our Red Cross Disaster Program Manager, will be here Tuesday 7/27 for a presentation about the outlined topics, Red Cross updates, and he will be able to answer any questions you may have. We are hopeful you will be able to come and hear about Red Cross updates, local (and regional) needs, and what opportunities are available in assisting and supporting roles now, or in the future. This presentation will be an "in-person" event and Registration is now open for ALL!! Please consider registering and inviting others that may be interested in volunteering, or to hear about how the Red Cross functions in our County. Here is the link that will allow you to register: The presentation will be videotaped for "YouTube" viewing later for those not able to attend. At this point in time, "Masks MAY be Required" for inside seating; but State Guidelines will determine precautions at the time of the event. Thank You For ALL You Do!! Please contact me if you have any questions - Hope to see you Tuesday, 7/27 - 6-8 PM. Thank you again!! Sincerely, Velda L. Handler, RN EVCNB Shelter Lead, Red Cross DHS and Shelters NBMRC Co-Director with Kate Grimm, RN NP (Retired.)
503-812-4491 (Velda)
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