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Creation Weekend

Speaker: Bill Hoesch

Join us in person or online!

Use the Vimeo or YouTube Channel Link to watch.

Saturday, February 26th

8am- Breakfast

9am- Seminar 1 - In-person only:

  • Origins and the Mount St. Helens Corrective (It provides a window into remote biblical history like no other, especially Origins)

6pm- Seminar 2 - In-person & online:

  • Why does it matter: The Gauntlet of Romans One (and the scientific case for creation – including the Origin of life)

Sunday, February 27th

9am- Seminar 3 - In-person & online:

  • After the Flood: Ten facts from Ancient History not commonly heard in public (including  the Ice Age, Dragons, Babel, and other Catastrophes including the Flat Earth issue)

10:45am- Seminar 4 - In-person only:

  • Made in God’s Image: (uniqueness of man: genetically, paleontologically, and in his spiritual condition)

6pm- Seminar 5 - In-person & online:

  • So What? Creation Evangelism in a post-Scopes culture (ref. to the Scopes Trial)